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OPTION 1 Full Day Tour 7am start.

Leaving London we head along the motorway and off to Cardiff and DR Who.

We will see the American Cafe where the Dr meets his friends. Visit the sites where Torchwood and the Dr discuss the future and the past, Amy and Rory's house and of course visit the Dr Who Experience (admission charge). See where Rose worked, see the wedding scene spots, plus a lot more Who sites before hurtling  off into space only to arrive at the corridors of Hogwarts School. Follow in the footsteps of Harry, Ron and Hermione around these rooms seeing from films one and two. See professor Slughorns House (outside only) and Godrics Hollow (outside only) plus a lot more.

Returning to London we finish our day with a visit to a real Tardis and a classic Harry Potter scene before returning to your hotel. During this full day tour we will stop for lunch in a 300 year old pub (not included in price)

This tour is not for the fainthearted as it encounters several Time Lords, Daleks,  A Cyberman in a Church? Torchwood, Wizards, Dark Lords, Death Eaters, Wands and Sonic Screwdrivers.

This tour is a full day tour from 7am to 7/8pm
Cost £799.00 per taxi not per person. London Taxis take 5 people.

We do have a 6 seat taxi by request, at no extra charge.


HARRY meets DR WHO London only.

Doctor Who - Prepare for an adventure as we take you on a Doctor Who meets Harry Potter Tour of London. The tour includes Doctor Who locations from the past 50 years.We will visit  locations sites from the show, both new and old including sites featured in The Invasion, Resurrection of the Daleks through to more recent episodes such as Rose and Aliens of London.We shall even see some sites that are going to appear in the new series due to start on March 30th 2013.

On the Doctor Who London Tour you'll learn how the episodes were made, get trivia about Doctor Who and see locations from various episodes. take pictures and see the locations up close. Whilst driving from site to site your intrepid Time Lord /Driver Guide will also show you the sites of London as you pass them. He or She will even stop for photographs. We will hear about Daleks, Cybermen, Headless Monks, The Silence, River Song, Weeping Angels, all the assistants and all the Doctors.

Remember to have a photograph standing next to the only remaining TARDIS (London police box) on a London street, then it's off and spinning around London as we see the film location sites from the Dr Who films and series. As the series has grown in popularity so has this tour. Feel free to dress up as the Doctor or one of his assistants or any other character featured over the past 50 years (only if you want to).

Harry Potter - Visit Gringotts Bank (outside only) walk over the Knight Bus bridge. Walk the avenue to the Leaky Cauldron (film 1) Stand at the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron from film 3, have a photo outside Third Hand book emporium. See the bridge which is destroyed by Death Eaters from film 6. Follow Harry's complete flight (film 5) along the River Thames on his broomstick. See Grimmauld Place (yes it does exist if you know where to look. No moving houses though) See where Harry actually disappears at Kings Cross Station Platform 9 ¾ . See photos taken by your guide of the PROPS used in the station scenes.  Then it's off to get a picture under the sign 9 ¾. See where Harry and Ron steal the flying car from. Take a photo inside the train station used for exiting to the Ministry of Magic. Walk the footsteps of Harry and Mr Weasley to the Ministry of Magic. See where Ron spies on the ministry and that Victorian Toilet Your expert Harry guide will take you to all of these sites and more. On route there is time to ask many questions regarding the films, there is even a small quiz to keep you on your toes. We will add in all the scenes from film 7 parts 1 and 2. We also show you places from earlier films that ended up on the cutting room floor. As if this was not enough we have added some secret places, items and surprises that you will love.  At the end of the tour you have time to purchase genuine Harry Potter

This is an all day tour and full of fun for all the family.
Lunch is in a 300 year old pub (lunch or any entry fees not included in price)
Book now - Price  ½ Day £365.00, Price Full Day £535.00

DISCLAIMER: We operate independent, unofficial tours of locations featured in the BBC's Doctor Who television series. We are not connected with, licensed or endorsed by, the BBC in any
way. Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures (and related titles and characters) are trade marks of the BBC. All rights reserved by the BBC.


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