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DISCLAIMER: We operate independent, unofficial tours of locations featured in the BBC's Doctor Who television series. We are not connected with, licensed or endorsed by, the BBC in any
way. Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures (and related titles and characters) are trade marks of the BBC. All rights reserved by the BBC.


Doctor Who - A tour by a London Taxi, NOT a London Tardis!

We start this tour by visiting the only remaining TARDIS (London police box) then it's off and spinning around London as we see the film location sites from the Dr Who films and series. As the series has grown in popularity so has this tour.

This is a 3 hour whistle stop tour around London and during our tour you will get a chance to  stand next to a REAL TARDIS for photographs, see where scenes where shot during the making of The Chase, Dalek Invasion of Earth and a lot more

Stand on the bridge where the Daleks start their invasion of London,have a photo on the exact spot Rose and the Doctor stood in by the London Eye.Stand outside the building that became 10 Downing Street, follow the present Doctor (Matt Smith) as he and his new assistant drive through London on a motorbike

There is so much to do on this tour and we would tell you more but then that would spoil the surprises we have for you.

Duration: 3 hours
Cost:  £299 per taxi for up to 6 persons
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